Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just Let Go...

I just taught my daughter to ride without training wheels. It was exhilarating and terrifying and also really annoying, especially when she toppled over and angrily flipped her bike (with surprising Superman-like strength), stomping and air-punching like Rocky on after a bad hit at a crack pipe, telling me she was REALLY MAD that she couldn't manage to keep her balance.

However, she kept getting back on. And on. And on. And I kept giving her overly-enthusiastic words of encouragement ("OMG, you're DOING it! LOOK at you! You go girl!!"-- so embarrassing), gripping the back of her little banana seat, ensuring her equilibrium before giving her a gentle push and actually letting go, watching as she pedaled off with those impossibly little-yet-strong, mosquito bite-smattered, sun-browned legs, pumping the pedals and keeping the bike going and going.

I think the hardest part of the whole experience was actually lifting my fingers off the seat and watching, yipes, with half-lidded eyes and Botox-like frozen-bared teeth, as she flew away from me. By herself. Knowing that she could do it on her own made my mama bosom swell with pride, but it was also almost impossible to believe and it actually hurt a teeny bit. This little girl, my kangaroo-pouch buddy, was off riding a bike by HERSELF?

Yep, she was. And it was awesome. The end.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog Hopper

Hey dudes.

I'm back over here because, well, I get bored and itchy at work sometimes and I wanna write, but I can't access the Sex and the Humidity blog from here because it has the word 'sex' in it and is blocked. I live in the south now.

Although, in fairness, when I worked for a giant investment bank in NYC they blocked things like that too. Probably because the poor, overworked young bankers liked to spank it to porn during the rare breaks they got during their 18 hour days. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm glad they didn't take this blog down. I'll blog at SATH still too, but this one I'll be updating more. I think. I hope. You never can tell. So...follow me. Come and enjoy the ride.

Love, K