Friday, May 27, 2011


It's been a retardedly long time since I've updated this blog. I have been a little busy.
Well, a lot busy. Also, since I've discovered twitter (username: krissyface73...follow me! And just watch the hilarity ensue!!), I generally only have enough energy for 140 characters worth of bullshit every day, and that has sort of satisfied my need to express myself. But I do miss you, blogger...I do...

Since we last met, I have watched my small fry graduate from first grade (it was so cute, but I'm glad they won't have another 'ceremony' til 5th grade, b/c, really? Pomp and Circumstance for 7 year olds? Really?), gotten a new job and bought my own house. That's right, lovelies. This bitch be a homeowner. It's kind of alarming to imagine any bank that would give me a mortgage, but it turns out, quite a few were willing to take a chance on a girl like me and cross their fingers and toes that I'd make my monthly payments which, so far, I've been able to do.

So the tone of this ongoing yarn that is a (basically honest) chronicle of my (sometimes awesome, sometimes downright scary, mostly fairly status quo) life will, you'll notice, shift a bit, as I'm no longer the sassy single mama in NYC but a homeowner in the deep south.


I know, I can hardly say it with a straight face, either.

So stick around for riveting tales of Kristin shopping for the right garden hose!!

Killing fire ants!!!

Baiting mouse traps with peanut butter!!!

Getting drunk on her porch swing while listening to peeper frogs!!

I promise this time I'll try and stick around more.