Friday, November 30, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman, The Chocolate Room

Welcome, friends.
Why am I finally doing a blog, why am I going public with all the oddities swimming around in my head, when I swore I'd never, ever do this? Well, because I CAN, that's why! Also, because I am feeling like since I'm on the computer so much, there's just no way I can get all the jizz flowing from my fertile mind from pen to paper anymore. Too time-consuming. Who writes on paper anymore, anyway? When I write with a pen I feel like Laura Ingalls in her one-room schoolhouse/church, scrawling on her slate with a nub of chalk. Antiquated! Down with notebooks! I didn't get an A in typing in high school for nothing! I do, like 80 wpm!

For those of you who remember my good old 'zine days, when cutting and pasting and xeroxing and stamp-licking reigned, when I feverishly slapped together curioius collages made up of random photos, drawings, and weird observations ("Things I found When I Cleaned out My Car", "The First Time I Ever Touched a Penis", ), well, welcome to the fucking 21st century.

We'll see how it goes.

Buckle up, bitches. It's gonna be a wild ride (I think).



Jessica said...

I cannot wait Kristin, this will be fun!

Keri said...

Go girlie...Will read every one!