Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crazy Cat Ladies!!

Well, this has been quite a week. I don't have long to write, because I need to resume the patrolling of Lily and our new Kitten, Nugget, to be sure he remains alive and not squished to death, as she cannot seem to stop carrying the little guy around like a baby and putting him in baskets like he's her own personal baby doll ("Stop checking on me, mom! You woke him up! He's FINE!").

See, we had to put our elderly cat friend, Cleo, to sleep this week (my brave parents did the actual deed), and at 17 she was ready and went peacefully.

We realized though, that we really liked having two cats, so I located this very interesting organization online that traps, neuters and releases feral cats in NYC. The older woman I talked to on the phone was adorable if not a little too friendly (I learned all about her recent hysterectomy during our first phone call)... I imagine she spends a lot of time with her cats.

We met her at a residential house in Queens in which there was a basement containing about 50 feral cats in cages and their babies. Holy shit! She catches these kitties, spays and neuters them, and tries to adopt their babies out to good homes. I was impressed.

We picked out this little guy, and brought him home in a car service, where he barfed all over me and crawled up my neck onto my shoulder while our driver, a Bengali gentleman, kept asking me out for a light Indian dinner and a Bollywood movie ("Tomorrow?" "No. Thank you. I'm not interested." "Monday? You work Monday?" "Thank you, no. I'm really not interested in going out with you." "I'll call you Monday then.")

Lily and I camped in her room and watched Little House on the Prairie DVDs while Nugget, our newest friend, jumped around and snuggled and got to know us. Poor Sea Monkey was barred from the room (this kitten is tiny, and I didn't want him thinking he was a toy), but they have officially met this morning and seem to be getting along ok.

I'll keep y'all updated...



BeautifulWreck said...

that is very cute kittie!

xl said...

Condolences for Cleo.

Nugget looks like a cool little guy.

I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

Nugget looks like one cool cat. I'm glad the cat lady has turned her obsession into something positive.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

To cute, and that goes for all of you over there :)

Although that Kitty has a pretty serious stare.

rkintn said...

What a cute and luck kitty Nugget is!

Wow, that was awkward said...

You named your cat after a testicle?

Anonymous said...

Your parents are vets?

kay zee said...

Oh my!
He / She will grow SUPER FAST
Ours was once that size and is now a giant!

Krissyface said...

BW-thanks, she is hilarious too. Such a little person.

XL, thanks, man. She was ready tho.

Scoot, I agree. Now if I could just do the same...

Ron, gracias!

Rkin, we are enjoying her and Lily has finally figgered out how to not squeeze her midsection so as to cut off circulation. Progress.

Awkward, you ask that as if there would be any doubt that I would do that.

Jack, yeah. They taught me how to birth cows and everything.

KZ, yeah, she's got like giant rabbit feet and stuff.

Pronto said...

I was gonna say

Holy Hotness

to that middle photo,

but then decided not to.