Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Feeling

My sister and I used to looooove Fridays, because

1. duh, there was no school on Saturday and we could sleep in, then get up and watch The Snorks in the spare bedroom while scarfing as much Crispix as we wanted without interruption (until our dad came and made us hold the giant lawn bag open while he did away with the raked leaves in our yard. I hated that.)

2. I had a huge canopy bed (and Lisa had a little twin bed...WHO was the favorite?), and on Friday nights, if we promised not to be too loud, we would sleep together in my bed and stay up late laughing and joking, sometimes till one of us peed the bed. Or until we got in a fight and I physically kicked Lisa back to her matchbox of a bedroom. I was a terrible bitch of a sister.

3. My parents would take us out to The Pancake Cottage, where I would get the Marine Boy Special (fried fish sandwich and fries) and we'd play "Playing with the queen of hearts" on the jukebox.

I have Friday Feeling today. But for other reasons. (Wiggles eyebrows).

Do any of you have Friday Feeling? I hope, for your sake, that you do. God knows you deserve it.

Oh! And here's a coffee spitter for your weekend. That's my new term. Coffee Spitter. God, I am really so down with the young people lingo.

Mwahs and Mwahs and Mwahs!


rkintn said...

Oh I loved "Queen of hearts"! I had that Friday feeling...til my sitter (my mom LOL) punked out on me. Now I'm just pissy:(

Hope you have a great weekend:)

kay zee said...

Oh that godamned snuggie

Kimber said...

Check out my lastest blog. *snicker*

nitewalk6 said...

So your bed was always the one getting peed on.
Never figured that one out?

xl said...

I have Friday Feelings. Unfortunately, not the eyebrow wiggling kind. Mine are during high school football season.

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know wants one of those. Or has one, even.

I miss The Snorks. I had Snork plushies.

Wow, that was awkward said...

I had an awesome Friday. I golfed, a big project got approved and we won some new business. Plus, I drank an ice cold red stripe.

Did you cop a feel with that last mwah?

The Third String said...

What's a coffee spitter???

Krissyface said...

rkin...I feel you, darlin. Oh, I so do.

KZ...people hate the snugie! This baffles me. I like blankets. I mean, sure, it's really stupid, but it's not gonna ruin anyone's lives.

Kim, you are a crazy woman. And I like me some crazy.

Nite, my bed STILL is the one always getting peed on.

Wait, what?

XL, I am totally wiggling my eyebrows now though...

Jack, I miss them too.

Awkward, maybe.

String, Google it.

catscratch said...

I miss Friday Fuzzies. Maybe someday they'll magically reappear :)

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...



Cindy-Lou said...

I love my snuggie but that was still funny.