Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Overheard in the elevator today

Girl #1 (largely caboosed, wearing ill-advised stretchy pants, extremely Staten Island-accented):
So, are you going out with him tonight?

Girl #2 (sipping coffee, smoothing hair, might be a midget):
Yeah. He got tickets to a show from one of his clients.

Girl #1:
Oh! That's cool. This is the guy with no neck right? But you might like him?

Girl #2:
No, no, no. He totally has a neck.


ty bluesmith said...

staten island smells like garbage.

Anonymous said...

And who says New Yawkers aren't intelligent?

One of us is a troll. said...

Well, yeah, but I had to fight a moose for my parking spot today.

kay zee said...


The Third String said...

Let me guess... Jodi and that jerk-off two seats to my left

Anonymous said...


Booya said...

Damn, that's funny

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Having a neck; that's always a good first step. From there, I guess you just work your way down. If he has two knees, it's a go.

nitewalk6 said...

Let's hope they don't breed.

Krissyface said...

Ty, It does, indeed. Probably because of all the landfills. and gross people.
Now, I suppose that was somewhat uncalled-for.

Anon, I didn't.

Scoot, seriously? Did you snap a pic?

KZ, exactly.

String, nope but it might as well have been ... I think there might actually be more admins here now than bankers.

Jack, Youh?

Boo, Don't I know it.

LL, I agree that the neck is extremely important. Otherwise, where would you put the hickies?

Nite, oh but you SO know they will.

jeremy said...

a turkeyneck?

Memphis Steve said...

Your descriptions of the people are classic. You should write a book.