Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Summer Hair Diaries

I've reached that inevitable point in the summer where I am seriously toying with the idea of chopping off all my hot girl hair.

I am fighting the urge though, because it's where I hold my power, man. I store all my charms up inside it, my feminine wiles, if you will. I like tossing it about when I'm having a conversation, or idly twisting a piece around my finger when I'm deep in thought. I like sitting in the sun and pulling apart all my split ends.
And I think that my poor neck would object if I were to take away the very thing I sweep off it so that it may be kissed.
It might object rather loudly.

But summer makes me crazy. I just hate having heavy piles of not-curly-not-straight hair sitting on my shoulders like a fur stole, trying to suffocate my soul.

And so I start toying with the idea of making it all go away.

So, I thought of some ideas. Did some browsing on the Google Image for celebrity hairstyle inspirations.


Kristin Crackity Winehouse Hair. Think of the charms you could store up in that!

Kritney Spears

Hillary Kristin. (Obama for Change!)

Scientology Rocks! Kristin Holmes/Cruise

Posh Kristin

Oprah Kristinfrey

I'm having a thought right now...I need to start working again. Surely there must be some better use I could make of Photoshop.


Warped Mind of Ron said...

LOL... I especially like the Kritney Spears photo. Don't chop off the hair, IHO it never ends well :P

Alice said...

ROFL! - Keep the hair. Just put it up in a dirty bun during the summer like I do. Always glad to have the extra hair during the winter.

Anonymous said...

You're fun, Krissyface. 8^)

flounder said...

Go with the Posh boobs.

Wait, that's not what you were looking for, is it?

catscratch diva said...

Eh. Don't do anything drastic beautiful!!

Throw it up in a knot on top of your head and summer'll be over soon.

Krissyface said...

So the consensus is, don't cut it, eh?
And that I'd look better with breast implants (thanks, Flounder, but if I get enough money for that, I'm totally Lipo-ing my stomach).

Thanks, guys. Sometimes you just need to be talked down off the ledge.

Scooter said...

An RSS reader is an application that alerts you when bloggers using Really Simple Syndication... blog.

Just google it. you'll find a free version.

Please don't cut your hair.

Pronto said...

I vote for pigtails.

I hear they make great handles.

Just sayin'

Krissyface said...

Scoot, thanks for the info. And don't worry, I won't. Today.

Pronto, Gross!!!! But true, I suppose.

Sproactually said...

Wait, your not wearing a wig??

Mrs. Redpants said...

don't do it! you have awesome hair and it smells really nice, and it's really smooth and shiny and it always has these little copper highlights just when the sun is going down... i mean, you know, it's just hard to grow back.

TED VELVET said...

nothing worse than a woman with a mommy cut, might as well throw your vaj in the garbage too. the fall will be here soon enough until then, buy helium balloons, tie them to your hair and let it float. duh.

kay zee said...

I dig the Oprah dooo on you.

I myself got the Suri Cruise.
(My bf cut it in our washroom two days ago.)
It looks good, man.
Feels even better.

So yah, either choppity chop or I suppose it's PONY TAIL CITY, SWEETHEART!

Krissyface said...

Steve, no. It's mine. All mine.

Kara, my hair smells nice? Awww.

Ted, you're hilarious. That's kind of my feeling too. Hair is sexy. And I've no intention of chucking my vag in the garbage. So...

KZ, I bet that looks cute on you. Post a pic on your blog!