Monday, August 25, 2008

"Don't worry, I'm nervous too."

Well. We made it through the first day of kindergarten, and Mommy only lost her shit once. Twice. Sort of.

This has been such a strange year in the saga of the Rice Family that I guess I just assumed Lily would sail through the first day in her brand new school without even blinking. I forget that though my daughter possesses what might be an unnatural amount of emotional strength for a girl her age, though she's happy, confident and adaptable, it doesn't mean she's an unfeeling robot child who isn't prone to mini-anxiety attacks like Mama. Especially when, at 7 am, we have a wardrobe malfunction. Well, not really. But Lil was nervous about school. She was really nervous. And she masked her anxiety in the way she's been taught to by good ole ME, to try and try and control her environment. Fuck.

So, that adorable polka dot dress Grandma bought at Target, with the specific intention of being worn on the first day of school, just would not do. Instead my dear daughter fished out a ratty old skirt and TUBE TOP (please don't ask my why I have a child's tube top in with Lily's other clothes. Just, don't. I've had a long day), and insisted on wearing that. We ended up compromising, after much crying and naked stomping throughout the apartment (by me), got in a car service, and carried the enormous tower of school supplies to the first day of the rest of Lil's life. Sigh.

It was pretty much smooth sailing from there...her teacher was sweet, and had a cute little nose ring. The classroom was well-appointed with all things fun and colorful for the molding of little minds. When we were lining up to go inside, Lily's little friend Fernando, who has been known to chase "kissy girls" like my sweet child around the playground and tell them they "eat garbage", was on the verge of tears with a bad case of the first day nerves.

Lil put her hand on his shoulder and said, "It's ok, Fernando. I'm nervous too."

Oh, I'm a proud, proud mama.

Lily and her father, who is on his way to work as a crime scene cleaner for the mob

Hiding her pain. Don't let that grin fool you. She's crumbling inside.
(not really).

Right before my fucking cell phone toppled out of my handbag. Awesome.


Scooter said...

Your child is adorable, and may very well be the third femal president of the United States.

Was your cell phone OK?

Krissyface said...

thanks, the scoot.

Yep, totally fine. I mean, as fine as a phone can be that's been battered around by the likes of me.

Sproactually said...

How many times have you been told to enjoy them when they are young? You best believe it. Because before you blog 3 more times about the gray hair sneaking in, you'll be all worried about her starting college.

And the result will be the same, you won't be out the front door of the dorm and she'll all ready be off with new friends.

It was big day, for you. For Lily, just another daily adventure.

The Third String said...

She's an angel. Can't imagine where she got that from. :)

Krissyface said...

Steve, If I am still blogging by the time she goes to college (read: haven't gotten my fucking book deal yet), please put me down like a lame horse. You're right though. I project so much of my own stuff onto the kid.

3-you flatter me so. Now go get me some coffee.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

What a cute girl, she takes after her mother and it looks like she's hauling in enough supplies for the entire class :)

catscratch said...

Awwwwwwww... No fear. She's gonna do great!

Anonymous said...

Aw, I know that first day feeling very's happy and sad all at the same time.

I know I sound so old here but it feels like they grow up just so fast!!

Prunella Jones said...

I could wear out my thesaurus looking up all the words to describe such a cute picture. Congratulations to the new schoolgirl and I'm sure you'll enjoy the free time.

Anonymous said...

She's sweet. 8^)