Thursday, December 18, 2008

Apparently I have bad gaydar.

When I'm bored at work I like to play this game in my head called 'gay or not gay?'

I listen to the conversations of my co-workers and watch their moves and try and figure it out.

Apparently my gaydar sucks, though, because there's one guy I work with who I have known for a while; he is short and smells really good and always comes over to my desk to say hi and shoot the shit about graphic design and I kind of always thought he was flirting with me. I just found out, however, that he has had a serious boyfriend for like, years. Huh.

Also, there's one guy who absolutely stumps me. Here are some thing's I've observed about him, and maybe you guys can help me figure out whether he's dick or vagina:

1. Likes to greet people with "Ciao!"

2. Apologized yesterday to a co-worker for being 'so bitchy before'

3. Whistles and sings to himself at his desk, a mixed variety of top-40 songs, especially Pink and Celine Dion, and this morning he was singing "We are all in this together" from High School Musical

4. Has professionally frosted hair

5. Talks to grandmother daily on phone

6. Has 2008 calendar on desk of Rockefeller Center

7. Has paperclips on desk arranged in separate containers, organized by size

8. Gets pissed when co-workers borrow his febreeze without asking

I need some help here, bloggers. I am stumped, stumped, stumped.



ty bluesmith said...


Anonymous said...

I keep telling you. YES, Jeremy is gay.

Booya said...

All that I did was read #1 and he is gay.

Kimber said...

He's hitting on you. You should ask him out!

Sproactually said...

I am thinking more asshole, but then again... the two could be related".

And why would anyone have fabreeze at work?

nitewalk6 said...

Does he drink white wine? Clothes custom or deigner labeled?

Me thinks.....

with the whistlin' and singin' he's either very HAPPY or GAY
(either definition gets the same result)

Warped Mind of Ron said...

I'm thinking he may be slightly on the gay side of life.

Memphis Steve said...

You must be kidding me. GAY GAY GAY!

xl said...
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xl said...

Easy. Flash some of your lady bits at him!

kay zee said...


THE EXACT situation occured to me at work.
Ever since his "gay'fession" at our last work conference- we have become super tight.

Long live the Gays!

The Third String said...

Who the hell are you talking about, KRock? Send me an email.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Gay as a french horn. Move on with your life.

Krissyface said...

Hi, Ty. How are you?

Jack, Just because he gives you oral pleasures, do not automatically assume that.

Booya, ya think?

Kim, I never thought of that.'re probably right.

Steve, hee hee. Febreeze is to clean the workspace/keyboard? Also to feed OCD?

Nitewalk, I'll ask about the white wine. Since I only see him at work, I really only see him drink scotch.

Ron and Steve, I dunno; I might require more proof of this.

XL, I will do that today.

KZ, long live the gays indeed.

String, A guy who sits across from me up here, and provides much bemusement for my boring day. I'll show you if you come up.

Dyck, I can't. I just...can't.

Anonymous said...

If he drinks scotch, he can't be gay.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Are you kidding? You really can't figure this out? Your gay-dar handicap qualifies you for special parking. This guy is gay as the ace of spades!

Love your blog, sister.

TED VELVET said...

frosted hair, Celine Dion, "bitchy"
high school musical? all signs of loving the cock. just look at his mouth for signs of "gaymouth" all gays have it to some degree. there will just be something about his smile or mouth that seems gay. it never fails.