Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Once had love, and it was a gas...

Tonight I was on the train listening to my new favorite song, "Mouthwash", by Kate Nash. I am so totally in love with that song. I can't get enough of it. I want to devour it like a box of girl scout cookies, rub it all over me like Origins Ginger Souffle body cream, soak in it like a fabulously warm bubbly lavender bath. Mmm mmmm good.

So as I'm having an orgasm over this song, I got this (somewhat vacuous, silly, but worth sharing?) notion:

See, it's like this: Love is like a song.
You know that feeling you get when you hear a new song and you just know you're going to adore it? You know what I'm talking about. The song just stands out from all the others. It makes your heart pump more blood per second, you can't help but smile, you actually consider jogging to it, you just want to belt it out when it comes on in the car and pretend you're on American Idol, and you wanna move your body to it (or in my case, bob your head like the 35 year old ass that you are, doing a dance similar to that of Dorothy prancing down the yellow brick road on the sidewalks of Queens, NY) with your headphones on.

That song. It makes you feel hopeful. When you are listening to it, the world rights itself, instead of looking somewhat cock-eyed, like it usually does. The song makes you feel pretty.

So, you listen to it. Again, and again and again and again. You suck it up like sugar through a straw. (Or you smoke it like crack in a pipe; who am I to assume your preferences?)

You learn all the words. Every beat, every chorus, every inflection in the singer's voice. You know it by heart. It's crawled up inside you and is living there, curled and cozy. Comfortable.

But, over time, the feeling starts to fade. You know it does. It slips through your fingers.
It's still a great song. Of course it is. But you spin the ipod dial when it comes up on "shuffle". I'll come back to it later, you think. I wanna check out that other shit I downloaded last night. You do come back to it. Of course you do. But it's just not the same. You simply can't capture that thrill you had when it was new. It's just gone.

You mourn the loss of it.

You feel like maybe you'll never again hear a song that good. Nothing that clicks into you that way, splashes all over you, like juice exploding from a succulent first bite. Everything you hear sounds the same. Ugly. Empty.

Until. Not long after,

You hear another song that gets inside you. Deep inside you.

And it starts all over again.


Sproactually said...

Love is not a feeling, it's an act of your will.

I'll have to find and listen to that song, i'm due for a bath anyway, might as well be mouthwash.

Krissyface said...

Steve, well I guess my will and my heart have some talking to do.

jeremy said...

just be glad it's only a song that has crawled up inside you and is living there, curled and cozy.

trust me on this.

jeremy said...

oh, and that new song is by the ettes, right?

Pronto said...

Wowsa - that is so very very true!

Cindy-Lou said...

Jeez, that was depressing. Thanks a lot.

By the way, I checked out that song on iTunes, and we so didn't fall in love. She's all yours.

Krissyface said...


If you are referring to parasites, boy do I have a story for you. And as much as I love that Ettes song, I think I clearly stated that I was talking about KATE NASH. Thanks for paying attention.

Thanks. I think so too. Trite, yes, But it's hard to find intelligent things to blog about every day.

Really? Depressing? I thought it was uplifting. The point is that you can fall in love again and again and again. Oh, and that you fall out of love again and again and again. Which I guess is pretty depressing.
No on Kate though, huh? Sorry to hear that. She's not for everyone.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Were is that new song to gain my attention??

MsPuddin said...

I get what your saying. Don’t let me find a new song that I like, I’ll play it over and over and over again..and again and over…until I never want to hear it again…

oestrebunny said...

I'm always obsessing over songs, I'd happily listen to a song a hundred times over in one sitting till I'd heard every part of it.

You always pick up on something you missed before. I like to hear how all the different parts fit together.

kay zee said...