Monday, March 31, 2008

Nuggets of Wisdom from Lily Alice, Part VII

She's got the music in her.

I was never that mama who played cloying, insipid kid music for my child. No Raffi or Baby Beluga or whatever it is that the suburban soccer moms play in the minivans on the way to the mall. No, no, no. That's never been us. Call me selfish, but music is such an important part of my day-to-day life that I never even considered changing my musical tastes once I had a child. Of course, I'm not gonna blast Nine Inch Nails in the kitchen on the ipod speakers while Lily and I are baking brownies, I'm not that wrapped up in my own needs. But still. When it comes to music, it's all about me.

Lily was rocked to sleep with Joni Mitchell, Counting Crows, Patty Griffin, Colin Hay. She was weaned on disco. She learned to walk while listening to "Lowrider". The only kids' music I ever allowed in my house was Dan Zanes and Friends, and that's only because he used to be the lead singer of the Del Fuegos and he lives in Brooklyn. So that was moderately permissible.

Lily and I rock to the good shit. And I'm kind of proud that she's already got a good ear for music. That she can pick out themes and overtones in the songs we listen to. For example:

Lily On Let my love open the door by Pete Townsend:
"This is a song about a boy who loves a girl, and he is saying, come into my apartment. I will open the front door for you and let you in. Because I have a key."

On George Michael's Freedom 90:
"That song is about the slaves."

On Regina Spektor's Fidelity:
"Put on the song about the heart! Play the ah-ah-ah-ah heart song!"

On Lil' Mama's Lipgloss:
(from the back seat of the car, after applying lemonade flavored chapstick): "Mama! My lip gloss is poppin'."

Oh, oh, oh. How my young one rawks.


bizzygirl said...

The one piece of advice I will offer to soon-to-be parents is "Don't give into the Elmo hype. Listen to real music!"
The only kids music show I have ever attended is Dan Zanes and Friends. They kick Raffi's ass.
Just an update from DC surburbia...

Scooter said...

I wonder if Kim will introduce her daughter to Detroit electronica...

Hmm... you've gotten me thinking, Kris.

Prunella Jones said...

I think The Pogues would be great music to play for kids. Listening to them always makes me want to do an Irish jig. And even though most of the songs are about getting drunk and fighting, Shane McGowwan slurs his words so much he can barely be understood anyway.

Krissyface said...

bizzy, I totally agree!!! Right? Dan Zanes is the only permissable band. the only one!!!

Scoot, now tell me about Ms. this your main squeeze? How old is her daughter?

Pru, I am so downloading some Pogues tonight.
She does like that Whiskey in the jar song, I think that's the Chieftans, maybe.

jespur said...

We have always had strict children's music policy in our home. My husband makes mix tapes for our son. At age 3 Jack could say his numbers, colors, and that Blue Monday is by New Order. We were so proud last summer when he asked "Mommy, if this radio station plays the 'best' music, why aren't they playing The Clash?"

(We did see Dan Zane, got the signed poster and a picture too!)

Cindy-Lou said...

I think influencing your kid's taste in music is one of the best gifts you can give them. Those Raffi-moms are actually doing their kids a favor because they probably listen to bubblegum pop anyway. At age two my son could name "John, Paul, George, and MINGO!" (we worked on that last one, after I was finished laughing)

Krissyface said...

jespur, I have friends whose 5 year old can identify Ramones songs in a few notes or less.

CL, thank god for us cool moms.

I just feel sorry for all those other kids. Oh well.

Scooter said...

Well, I'd like her to be... I am going to sing The Jetts "Are you going to be my girl" at karaoke this Wednesday to her.

I hope it will go well. Don't tell her! I want it to be a surprise....

Ginormous Man Boobs said...

I grew up on oldies and Simon and Garfunkel.

Still my favorites til this day

Catscratch Diva said...

Lil T rocks to only the best. No Barney for him, he hates Barney.