Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8675309 Jenny

Last night I spent over an hour on the phone with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Miz Jenny mac. Jen and I have stayed in touch through the years, the boyfriends, marriages, births, deaths,the strange states we have lived in (both mentally and literally); one thing I can appreciate about Jen is that no matter how much time passes, she still makes me laugh my ass off. Loudly. And she gets me. Thank god. And there's something magical in knowing that I can still elicit hearty guffaws from her that I feel are reserved just for me.

So I wrote her this poem. This one's for you, Jen.

I met you at the tender age of fourteen
And you were the coolest fuckin girl I'd ever seen.

Your laugh filled the room up and you liked to eat Sprees
and you knew all the words to Stand By Me.

I was the writer, and you were on stage
and together we alienated everyone our age.

We liked to watch movies ("Do you have Christmas in France?")
And we made up some songs ("Pull my strings, watch me dance")

We saw Squeeze and Erasure, we went to the city
In your cheerleading uniform, you looked oh-so-pretty

We met us some boys and we kissed with 'em too
but at the end of the date, I always had to call you

Remember when we were playing that game
at Liz's house and you got so mad, it was lame
You threw that golfball and hit me in the arm
and I said OW, JEN! Why you wanna do me harm????

Well, I forgave you and it was all totally cool
Because you and me, well, we totally rule

Bitch, we been thru thick and thin
and yours was the only sleeping bag I ever peed in

I'm so glad we never tripped on shrooms
when we were drinking Bartles and James at Peconic Dunes

I'm sorry to hear you broke up with Scott
But girlfriend u know we have been thru a lot
and I think to celebrate a friendship 20 years long
we should throw that damn party and sing that Bette Midler song


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JennyMac said...

I am a cyber retard! I wrote this whole beautiful big long (that'swhutshesaid) comment last night after reading all your insightful blogs--(not just the one about yours truly--which was effin' hilar) and couldn't sign in, it wouldn't post etc., etc. Anyway, that being written, I'll try to keep this fresh. I loved it the Bartles and James reference and how we alienated EVERYONE! What a pair of Bitches we were/are! Damn 20 years! Walkin' Talkin' Jesus! Sorry about the golf ball. Proboably my lowest point as BFFF! why you gotta bring dat shit up? The rest was great. I actuall wrote a poem for you years ago, I'll try to find it! It has something to do with Gordy and Chris-The Writer and the Lawyer. Thanks Bitch you made my week! And as far as the writing goes you still got it so Pee Kris Pee!