Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back it up

I feel like maybe posting silly musings from my college diary the other day was the sorta the equivalent of a television show in a mid-season slump bringing in a new character to spice things up. (I don't have anything interesting to say today, so why don't I recycle "funny" and "dorky" material from my "crazy" college days? People won't believe what a wild n crazee nerd I was! It'll be like on Family Ties when Meredith Baxter Birney, who had three grown children, suddenly got preggers with a new baby when the show was beginning to get boring and it got good again!!! Wait, no it didn't.)

TV show writers are such narcissists. God forbid you should just admit that your brainchild has run its course, had 5 great seasons, maybe it should be laid to rest...nooooo! Let's see if we can squeeze another 2 or 3 seasons by adding a random character to the mix--a spunky, niece or nephew could come live with the family, or a middle-aged character could have a "surprise" baby, or a peripheral friend could suddenly slide into the main actress slot when the previous star leaves to start a film career or spinoff (Jenny Piccolo on Happy Days? I think that was Season...twelve? And wasn't that the season they Ted McGinley joined the cast, as Marion Cunningham's --um--nephew or something? Poor Ted, he was forever a mid-season replacement. Same thing happened with him on The Love Boat).

It also irks me when TV shows try to pull the wool over our eyes and do a presto-change-o that they think we won't when they added a baby girl on Growing Pains, then she suddenly aged 6 years between seasons. What, do you think we are stupid, people? Come on.

I didn't even know how I gots me on this tangent. I don't even have cable. Interesting to try and figure out how my college diary led somehow to the vivisection of popular 80's television. Whoa.

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