Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Years Resolution #2: I will not spend my hard earned money on celebrity magazines, even if it makes me feel better to read about their problems

I mean it. I am done with you. You awful, glossy, candy-colored cheap-thrill-offering dastardly vacuums of stray dollars in the bottom of my pocketbook.
Won't stoop! I don't care how shockingly wonderfully awful your headlines are...there are better ways to boost my own esteem about the state of my own life! I do like to see what the celebs are wearing is kind of cool to see Jennifer Garner pushing little Violet Affleck on the swing, it's a gentle reminder that, hey, Kristin, you CAN have it all, see? Beauty, fame, fortune, a wonderful little girl...wait, NO! No, I am not falling for it! Me and the newsstand are breakin up. That's it. 2008 is the year of Yoga Journal, and nothing else. Done.

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