Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Holy crap.
This is freaking scary. Click the link below to watch Republican candidate Mike Huckabee's new ad, wishing voters a Merry Christmas and reminding them of "what matters most". Pay close attention to the way the camera pans left, enclosing the window pane behind him and making it look an awful lot like a glowing white cross. Subtle, Mike. Subtle. Why don't you just set it on fire?



hevs said...

Ok Kristin - could you just write a book already - I might actually read it ;) You are ana amazing writer - I am loving this!! (And um why did I have to know you for 3+ years without knowing this about you?!?!)

Krissyface said...

This comment can only be from Heather...thanks, you are the best! And the reason you didn't know this about me wuz b/c you met me when all of my creative energy (and well, any energy for that matter) was being funneled into a very small person whose name starts with L. And no, it's not Lucas.

kugaloo said...

Embrace the good lord for Christ's sake.