Monday, December 17, 2007

Out of tragedy........cookies!

I just wanna give props to my girl Liz, who did a kick-ass job with yesterday's First Annual CS07(Cookie Swap 2007). I have to say I wasn't relishing the idea of making 10 gazillion pounds of peppermint fudge on Saturday night but when I saw the work that everyone else had put into their cookies on Sunday, I felt kind of bad for even bitching about it.
What a spread! I have never seen so much deliciousness on one table in my life. And mine's been a long life with lots of food, so I think I am duly qualified to speak on the subject.

There was a festive, luminous glow about Liz's apartment that I can't even really describe(I love the foldup Ikea Christmas tree, and I want to know how the HELL you keep your shag carpet so clean? How do you not get cheerios smashed into it???)

Plus, the jaunty medley of holiday music eminating from the kitchen speakers added just the right touch of Chriskwanzmakuh spirituality; what an assortment! From "Feliz Navidad" to the happy songs from "Oy! To the World" (Klezmer music never sounded so good), we were all kept in the mood.

Liz's charming boys were in full regalia too. Justus came flying out to greet us in his Batman costume, and he and Lily shared the doll stroller in a most diplomatic and commendable way. And Ronan, oh, Ronan! Buddha boy is basically a giant smiling mouth, swimming in big fat delicious cheeks, sticking his feet behind his head in an attempt, I suppose, to show up Mommy.

There was a warmth in Liz's house, surrounding her family; there was an air of peace and calm that was really palpable. Liz was dressed in her hottest Pimp-my-Martha-Stewart holiday attire, complete with new burgundy highlights in her shiny, shiny hair and the coolest green tulle skirt I've ever seen. She looked gorgeous. You just don't expect a widow to look that hot at the holidays. Or ever, really.

But everything about Liz defies any stereotype one might presume when they consider what she's gone through recently. At the risk of sounding like I'm blowing smoke up her ass (which she would hate), I have to say that I find her inspiring. Yes, inspiring. I'm so lucky. At least once a day, I am struck by how my good fortune in knowing the wonderful people in my life. Each of my friends brings me joy and clarity and perspective in his or her own individual and unique way. I learn so much from the each of them.

Liz especially shows me regularly that the things that happen to you don't have to necessarily define you. The way you live your life and touch the people around you, that's what's important. So...I love you, Lizzie. Here's to the beginning of what I hope to be an ongoing holiday tradition.

Oh, and can you give me the recipe for the vegan foie gras?

xoxoxo Krispy

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