Saturday, January 12, 2008


Your ex-husband spends the night watching your daughter at your house while you're at work.
You discover that he's been checking his profile on an internet dating site.

Do you make up a pretend profile of a heinously overweight, 4 foot 10 woman with 5 children and start stalking him on the dating site?


Anonymous said...

No. You make a profile of a really hot girl, agree to meet him somehwere neutral then stand him up and tell him you saw him from afar and thought he was too ugly. The best part is that you can do this over and over again. Hours of endless fun!

I dated a girl whose whacko ex had a myspace account he tried to sell puppets through, and also hit on all the girls. I posed as a buxom redhead and led him around by the nose for months on end, driving him to ever more pathetic acts of desperation.

Krissyface said...

Mister Underhill, I thinks I loves you.

kay zee said...

Im with Underhill here.
(It happened to me)

make your self a fakey, "cute pic" and all - (no sex vixon on the outside shit here- too unbelievable)
just "super cute"
Then poke him or send a kiss or whatever you do, and finally after talking for a while- admit you are only 19 "but are mature and like older men"

Be prepared though.
You may be surprised at what a sick bastard he is. (as i did)

Good times overall though ;)