Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm so over heavy drama. I wish I could just give myself a dramabotomy. Get Dr. McDreamy to cut out the section of my brain that tends to amp up the emotion factor of a situation and overanalyze it and try to solve it and pick at and pulverize it until it's lifeless and limp in my hands.

Does anyone else feel like they do this? Come on, speak up.

There need not be so much of it. Drama, I mean. It really serves no purpose in life except to distract us from important shit, maybe entertain us even. But drama sucks ass. It's erosive. Exhausting. It just plain doesn't feel good.

It's been a while since my life was rife with so much of it. It seems drama is a regular part of my daily regime now. Coffee, Multivitamin, Fish Oil, Folic Acid, Drama Supplement. It's being fed to me in massive doses and my body is kind of rejecting it.

In my past life, my ancient-history life, communication seemed not to be so difficult. I could say what I felt and meant and
all my words didn't seem to carry so much weight, such a price. Now I'm not so sure.

I tend to be pretty even-keeled, I think. I'm not that easily rattled. You can say a lot of things to me and it takes quite a bit to shock me. Even to hurt me. I'm not saying I've got a heart made of leather but I can take quite a bit.

But I guess everyone likes to mix things up every now and then, switch it up, see what kind of reaction you're gonna get . I admit I do it too...I like to wind up the people closest to me sometimes just to see what will happen.

I guess it's the curse of being so goddamned brilliant. I'm like the Sharon Stone character in Basic Instinct. Except without the ice pick. Oh, what a tangled web I weave.

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Oliver said...

I think it's not easy to be "over drama." I think it requires a lot of personal introspect and becoming aware of dramatic triggers. Like many alcoholics declare daily, dramatic people also have to admit that they are not only powerless against it, but are also dependent on it. There may be many things we do not like about ourselves and often claim are out of our control, and that may be true. But most things in life, good or bad, I think, tend to gravitate toward one another. I think people as a whole are responsible for the universal balance of drama we choose to expend on the daily. Together we can decrease that level to that of the stoic people of Finland, yah?