Monday, January 21, 2008

15 reasons why free online dating sites are a very bad idea

I joined a free dating site because
a. I'm afraid of online dating and don't want to make any real commitment to it.
b. I'm cheap.

I can say quite assuredly that there is a reason some of the "real" sites charge money for their services. Let's just say that free dating sites tend to attract a certain type of gentleman. That's to say, a douchebag.

Here I've compiled a list of my top favorite screen names of dudes in my area. They all sound like such fantastic prospects, I simply don't know how to choose.

1. BeneficialFriend
2. Goodbod7
3. Powerdude
4. HersheyNYC
5. Gunygugu
6. Modernclasic
7. Needspanking
8. BadBoyRocker1958
9. Earwig1965
10. Articulatebear
11. Mrafection
12. funguynycny
13. eetu4fun (this is my personal favorite)
14. italianteddy93
15. isthereanyoneoutthere


Sproactually said...


The only word your aunt bunny could speak after your uncle gus found her in the woods.

NSFW...(language) it is here, you will learn about Gunygugu

BanAnna said...

Sometimes it is good to come to the realisation that it's time to stop flogging the dead horse, but knowing that it's time doesn't make it any easier.
but hope, even if not always obvious seems to bubble from your writing (bubble? ooze?) - at least what i've read so far


jeremy said...

i was going to make a joke about "goodbod7" being my screenname and how offended i was that you were making fun of it, but then i saw "earwig1965" and i laughed.

so never mind.

kay zee said...

are you nuts?
go for Modernclasic,
This dood is SO Modern- he doesn't even need 2 s's to get the point across!

Krissyface said...

Thanks for the eddie murphy insight into gunygugu!

Bananna, Thanks, I think I'm hopeful, but I'm never sure I come across that way...

You just can't make that shit up.
I think I'm gonna start stalking earwig. Just for fun.

Totally. I love Modernclasic too. The thing is, why limit it to one "s", when they give you enough space to choose a screenname like "SteveissensitiveNYC"? He's a real guy too. Oy vey.

Anonymous said...

What? I didn't make the list? I'm stayhard69, btw. I got something for your inbox, baby!

MsPuddin said...

Needspanking sounds like a good time…steer away from isthereanyoneouttherre, sounds desperate. Hmmm I’d go for hersheynyc, I like chocolate…