Saturday, January 12, 2008

I just wish you wouldn't get on the subway right after shooting that heroin

This is the week of fucked-up people on the subways who are all up in my biz.
Last night all I wanted to do was huddle by my ownself in the corner seat I comandeered on the W train and watch Greys Anatomy on my ipod.
But there was a great tragedy of a man standing in the middle of the train, looking like he'd been shot with an elephant tranquilizer, shouting at no one,


Then he'd go off on a yelling tangent in (I think) Italian. It was so weird and funny. I couldn't help laughing. Every time the doors opened he'd stick his head out of the train and scream for Joey. He seemed harmless enough. But jeez, can't you just shoot up on that couch in the crackhouse and stay there, Vincent Vega?


Anonymous said...

Heroin makes you mellow. That was angeldust. Or schizophrenia.

Krissyface said...

but, but, but if it was angel dust, wouldn't he be trying to jump out the window and use broken glass to cut his own arm, like Helen Hunt in that afterschool special?