Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"I'm just tryin' to wash the crazy off me with a wire brush"

That's a direct quote from my girl Lizzie, bless her soul. She said that at the Queens Plaza mall ("You're the only friend I can ask to go to the mawl with me because we're from Lawng Island") on Sunday morning. We let the kids go shoeless and crayzee in the bacteria-laden play area while we spent a few minutes talking and trying to catch up, which is hard these days. Being with her reminds me that, although we definitely have our moments of playing who-had-the-more-fucked-up-2007, we're both pretty hopeful young ladies with our shit basically together. She's really good at keeping things in perspective and remembering that the important thing is to grow and shed our old skin and move ahead and be positive. Oh, and she's mad funny. And smart. And a great mom too. I just sent her the link to the blog again because she couldn't remember it. So, HI LIZ.


Sproactually said...

The only thing missing from your tale about Lizzie is to say "Thanks". I have a married couple that were my island during my breakup, every Thursday they would feed me, both food and adult beverages and just give me a place that I wasn't an estranged husband or father or Technician for a few hours.

12 years later I still say thanks.

lizzie said...

I don't think it's possible to quantify how someone experiences pain. Everyone's pain is the worst, so no worries about the non-existant competition on most fucked up here. Oh, but don't forget to accompany the wire brush with lye soap when washing the crazy off yourself. Wow, sproactually seems to be chock a block full of wisdom.