Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"Toys are awake when people are asleep"

Lily told me this theory the other day. But she picks funny times to give human qualities to her toys. For example, when she's in the mood, Lily will dress her American Girl doll Elizabeth in a warm jacket and wrap her in a dish towel and insist that she accompany us to school, to the mall, or to her grandparents' house, because otherwise she'll get lonely all alone in the house with just the cat. She even buckles Elizabeth in her own seatbelt and makes sure the shoulder strap is not covering her mouth or is too tight on her neck.

Then, when she gets sick of her, she drops Elizabeth and lets her rot in the gutter.
We accidentally left Elizabeth in the car overnight last night and when we left for school this morning, I asked Lily if she thought Elizabeth got cold or lonely by herself.

She responded flatly, "She's a doll, mom."

I've got so much to learn.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought this as a kid, but in a bad way. Stop plotting against me, weeble wobble scum!!!