Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What the hell do these mean?

I'm hawt!

I am happy to report that I've started dreaming again. I take this to mean that I am once again entering into REM sleep during the night, which I think I was failing to do for quite some time, and which was threatening to drive me crayzee.

So a few nights ago I dreamed that I was babysitting Keanu Reeves in the back of my car. He was drunk and I had to cart him around for the day and make sure that he got on a plane at a certain time. So I took his sleeping ass on a bunch of errands, like taking Lily to school, grocery shopping, etc. I was sure to leave the windows cracked when I left him in the car, like one would a pet. Then at one point he woke up and started serenading me with an acoustic guitar and demanded that I take him to the McDonald's drive through.


OK, and here's dream #2:
I'm best friends with Meredith Grey. I work at Seattle Grace and I am totally chill with all the doctors there. I am a surgeon, but I have a secret---I never wash my hands before I go into surgery. So I never actually "scrub in", because I just put the rubber gloves on over my dirty hands. I have some idea what this one might mean, but I'd sure appreciate some assessments, guys.


Anonymous said...

I have been taking melatonin lately. Really helps me have nice, deep sleep.

Sproactually said...

Your kidding, right? Your asking us what your dreams mean? This is like giving a 3 year old a permanent marker, you just don't do it.

Dream 1 is easy, you want your ex husband to see you with Keanu Reeves at the McDonald's he is now working nights at. Because everyone knows that after drinking, the place to go to is white castle.

Dream 2 just means your a non-conformist, perhaps a tad stubborn.

I think you need come to New Paltz, and visit all those old familiar places, P&G's, Mcgillcudys, Bacchus. I'm more of a gilded otter person. Do some ex-husband purging with a complete stranger, or at the bar of you choosing in the big city, because I don't need much of a excuse to ride a train or go to Grand Central.

Either that, or stop eating pop-tarts before you go to sleep.

MsPuddin said...

lol whoa! Um maybe you need some Reeves booty? At first when I saw the word babysitting I thought he was some childlike representation…